Season 1
Self Rated: For Ages 13+

XEARTH is currently in pre-production.
XEARTH is a science fiction thriller.
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Season 1
Self Rated: Mature 18+

Noctrine is currently in pre-production.
Noctrine is a paranormal thriller.





Season 1
Self Rated: Parental Warning – For Ages 13+

Cursing Crow Radio Theatre is currently in pre-production.
Cursing Crow Radio Theatre is an anthology series.

If you are a writer of audio theater and are looking for a production company to create your work,
or already have a production story you want plaid on our anthology,  PLEASE CONTACT US.
We are always interested in adding new and innovative projects to our list.




Season 1
Starting: September – October 2018
Self Rated: Parental Warning – For Ages 16+ (Language & Violent Descriptions)

Chilling With The Death is currently in pre-production.
Chilling With The Dead is an Episodic Podcast.

Chilling with the dead is a podcast that features the listener’s own submitted true stories of paranormal or true tales of
horrific experiences. Sometimes there will be interviews with those that submitted their personal stories, and discussions
of how the ordeal might have changed their life.
Submit your own story HERE!
Official Website