About Us

It was the 1990’s…

A group of very creative and talented kids playing roleplaying games, collecting comics, created a band, and borrowing a VHS camcorder to make crazy horror and crime movies that made old B movies look like serious works of art.

The group collectively wrote, acted, and played instruments. They were so ahead of their time.

The Year was 2004…

I-Pods birthed the term “Podcast”.  Had this group of kids had the money and the technology they would have pioneered the podcast movement. Their creativity was still in full effect and they had built upon the foundations they laid down years before.

The Year was 2012…

The kids were now adulting… Families and careers became the full-time activity and eventually, they went their separate ways. One individual decided to put their life on hold to design and publish a card game and ultimately unknowingly created a media studio called “Top Media Studios” that specialized in publishing and game design.

Eventually, a podcast studio was required to help create marketing media for making games, then various people started asking to use the studio for podcasting which was still evolving. This became a large part of the media business and the paper publishing started to fade away and more time and money were put into the audio half.

The Year was 2017…

Top Media Studios CEO Christopher Rowe had been listening to something called “Audio Drama” for over a year. Inspired by shows about zombie survival, crime shows, space travel, and fictional diaries of the insane he decided to give it a go!

He worked as an assistant producer for a very well-known horror story podcast on a few episodes and then decided to write one of his own.

While working on his own scripts he wanted to experience acting. He had done some acting in the past and went to the internet and performed a lot of free gigs to build up a portfolio and experience working with different producers.  One of the productions was played on public radio, and he realized that this was the direction to go.

The Year was 2018…

Top Media Studios was producing podcasts for many amateur podcasters and was a small studio. Early in the year the studio location moved and was expanded to almost double its size and technology.

Top Media Studios were still recording and engineering, but it was past time to produce full-time, so that’s where Cursing Crow Productions started. Shortly after Top Media Studios and Cursing Crow merged and are now Cursing Crow Productions.


Today we record, produce and work on projects from podcasts to audiobooks with a special place for audio drama. We are capable of creative Foley, voice over, radio commercials, or anything the spoken word can do.

Due to the number of inquiries, we get it should be noted that we do not record/engineer bands or music.

If you are a looking to creating a podcast or full-on audio theatre production we can accommodate you.

The future…

We will sometime soon be capable of recording and producing vlogs and travel, or “On Location” videos.


  • We have experience in working with paranormal EVP’s.
  • Let us consult you to develop and even build your own amateur studio.
  • Allow us to speak to your school or class, or host a class of our own on audiodrama basics.
  • Are you looking for voice tallent? We can help you find the right match!
  • If you don’t know just ask us! We might have a service for you!